Open Source Insights

Open Source Insights is a service developed and hosted by Google to help developers better understand the structure, construction, and security of open source software packages. The service examines each package, constructs a full, detailed graph of its dependencies and their properties, and makes the results available to anyone who could benefit from them. The goal is to provide developers with a picture of how their software is put together, how that changes as dependencies change, and what the consequences might be.

The service currently indexes the Cargo, Go, Maven, npm, NuGet and PyPI package ecosystems, the GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket project hosts, and the security advisories from OSV. It updates the data regularly to keep the information up-to-date and relevant, while allowing developers to look back and see how things have changed over time.

You can access this data in a few ways: website
Search for open source packages, visualize dependencies, compare versions, investigate security advisories and more.
Build tools and integrations using our API, available via HTTP and gRPC.
BigQuery dataset
Discover your own insights by running queries against our BigQuery public dataset.